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Create connection, shift culture. 


A soar in engagement and loyalty.
People acting with energy and intent.
The ability to realise big visions...and modest visions with big benefits to society.  

This is storytelling at its best.

Put purpose at the heart of your brand.



The Story Shed specialises in strategic storytelling for socially focused organisations.
Instead of thinking in terms of internal or external communications, we work with you to capture the essence of your brand and put your purpose at the heart of everything you stand for. 

 Your story is more than's about how people experience your brand authentically in a changing world. 

And at a time when customers are choosing more carefully, it's what will set you apart. 


Perhaps you are just starting a new business strategy; perhaps you need your people to do things differently or embrace innovation. The ambiguity feels uncomfortable, doesn't it?

We can work with you and your team to articulate a clear, compelling strategy...because if this doesn't resonate, your other communications will miss the mark. We will help you capture your unique purpose, vision and values so that others understand why you matter, and why they should be active participants in change.


Through communications and engagement, we can help you shift knowledge, actions and behaviour.

This depends on activating people as part of a shared story, delivered over time at every level of your organisation. 

We can work with you to segment and understand your different audiences...what they need, value and the points of connection. We'll help empower your managers and develop your communications - social, digital, face-to-face and print - to align to your strategic goals.  


Many companies are great at measuring visits to their home page, but are less comfy when it comes to the things that matter. Like gauging staff and customer loyalty, a shift in how people perceive your brand or how behaviours have changed over time. 

The Story Shed can guide you on the right questions and approaches to prove that investment in communications delivers brand value. By focussing on communications that are involving and interactive, we support you to continuously improve your approach. 

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These are a few of the things we can do for you.

Hone your strategy, vision and values to make them relatable
Help you communicate
change and transformation
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Articulate your social value 
to the world
Produce and implement effective
communications plans
Script compelling speeches, 
videos and tone of voice guides
Develop your mix of channels -
print, digital and face to face
Work with you to plan
brilliantly interactive events 

Advise on how to engage your colleagues and customers 
Advise on how to engage your colleagues and customers
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Hi, I'm Sarah

A bit about me


I spent my early career in copywriting and PR before moving into communications for Lloyds Banking Group. I worked my way up over an eye-opening 8-year period through the financial crisis, business partnering directors and managing complex transformation. I had the huge privilege of taking on a leadership development opportunity connecting businesses and charities in Gloucestershire. I helped create the county's first Social Impact Forum. 

In 2015 I moved agency-side, using my corporate experience to benefit clients including the Royal Voluntary Service and In 2018 I took on a contract with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), leading food and drink campaigns in Europe for the government's
award-winning GREAT campaign. 

After taking my toddler motor-homing around Europe, the prospect of going freelance felt less scary. So in 2020 I set up The Story Shed Ltd. 

Here's my biog...

"Sarah has a rare, valuable ability to interpret our passion for our business and convert it into a simple, compelling brand proposition. She quickly and professionally distilled key messages that stakeholders could connect with."

Nat Wadley, Director, ChangeMaker 3D

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"Sarah is a very effective communicator. She is able to quickly understand the needs of your business and formulate an action plan to meet the strategic communication needs of your organisation. She's a great all-rounder, a lovely person and has been a pleasure to work with."

Kingsley Taylor, Ark Lettings

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