The buzz of animated discussion. A soar in engagement and loyalty.
People taking action with energy and intent.
The ability to realise big visions...
and modest visions with big benefits to society.  

This is the transformative power of storytelling.

Let's start at the beginning...




Hi, I'm Sarah, a communications specialist and multimedia storyteller. I help you connect people to your purpose with clarity, so they are more motivated, loyal and engaged in your business.


These are my three areas of specialism...  


Perhaps you are just starting your journey; perhaps you are unfolding a whole new direction. The ambiguity feels uncomfortable, doesn't it. So how to even begin articulating your plans?

I can work with you and your team to articulate a clear, compelling strategy...because if this doesn't resonate, your other communications will miss the mark. I will help you capture your unique purpose, vision and values so that others understand your direction, and why they should be active participants in change.


How can you take your colleagues and customers with you while you reinvent yourselves? How to maximise the impact of key announcements? 
Is it possible to land a difficult message with care?

If these are the kinds of questions you're asking, I can help shed some light. I have the benefit of 18 years' experience gained across private, public and charity sector organisations. I can equip you with the tools and strategies to align your communications to your goals.  


So you want to shift minds...then let's talk events. Have you ever watched a documentary that moved you to make changes in your life? That's storytelling in action. Transformative moments deserve drama, audience. Let's captivate people; why tell a story when you can invite people to live it? 

I've shaped and coordinated over
70 events, from conferences and roadshows to festivals and town halls. I
f you want to move people with something original and interactive, please drop me a line.



These are a few of the things I can do for you.

Hone your strategy, vision and values to make them relatable
Help you communicate
change and transformation
Articulate your social value 
to the world
Produce and implement effective
communications plans
Script compelling speeches, 
videos and tone of voice guides
Develop your mix of channels -
print, digital and face to face
Work with you to plan
brilliantly interactive events 

Advise on how to engage your colleagues and customers 
Advise on how to engage your colleagues and customers
Hi, I'm Sarah
Here's my biog...

"Sarah has a rare, valuable ability to interpret our passion for our business and convert it into a simple, compelling brand proposition. She quickly and professionally distilled key messages that stakeholders could connect with."

Nat Wadley, Director, ChangeMaker 3D



07901 107111


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